Month: December 2013

Classroom Chairs and Alternative Teaching Methods

classroom chairIt can be challenging to keep a large classroom focused and engaged during class, and teachers today often turn to alternative teaching methods to meet the needs of their individual students. Some school curricula aren’t so flexible, however, and teachers are forced to come up with creative ways to keep the children motivated.

Traditional classroom settings are often monotonous and boring, especially for young, energetic minds. Teachers often incorporate colorful decorations, bulletin boards and diagrams to keep students interested as well as to boost their creativity and enthusiasm. Some teachers even turn to less traditional furniture with the same goal. Standard school chairs provide children with a set structure, which can be important, but preschool and elementary teachers recognize the importance of creating a dynamic learning environment. Exercise balls are a great way to keep children focused during class, as they demand attention and good posture. Mats laid out in a circle also create a different atmosphere, making children feel more relaxed and open in their environment.

What alternative teaching methods have you tried?

Alternative Teaching Methods

alt teaching methodIn today’s school system, many teachers utilize alternative teaching methods to help students who fall behind. In many cases, a child’s struggles have less to do with a learning disability, and more to do with the way in which the material is presented. Some children, for example, may have a hard time focusing while limited to a school environment and classroom furniture, and benefit greatly from a more hands-on, interactive approach to learning. These children are more likely to engage in their studies and remember information when they are included in the learning process through field trips, experiments and art projects.

A teacher should make an effort to identify the strengths of each student, and teach them accordingly. For example, if a child learns best with the help of visual aids, try to incorporate colorful drawings, charts and videos into your lesson.If a child expresses more interest in speaking, or audio information, try creating songs or rhymes to help him or her remember her lessons. Of you or a student become frustrated with a specific method, quickly try another. It is important to remain patient and flexible!


Hands-On Learning for Science Class

Traditional teaching methods are being pushed aside for creative, more effective alternatives. For example, Mirandi Squires, an NBCT in South Carolina, believes in using a hands-on learning environment to motive her students. Learn more about her approach: