Alternative Teaching Methods

alt teaching methodIn today’s school system, many teachers utilize alternative teaching methods to help students who fall behind. In many cases, a child’s struggles have less to do with a learning disability, and more to do with the way in which the material is presented. Some children, for example, may have a hard time focusing while limited to a school environment and classroom furniture, and benefit greatly from a more hands-on, interactive approach to learning. These children are more likely to engage in their studies and remember information when they are included in the learning process through field trips, experiments and art projects.

A teacher should make an effort to identify the strengths of each student, and teach them accordingly. For example, if a child learns best with the help of visual aids, try to incorporate colorful drawings, charts and videos into your lesson.If a child expresses more interest in speaking, or audio information, try creating songs or rhymes to help him or her remember her lessons. Of you or a student become frustrated with a specific method, quickly try another. It is important to remain patient and flexible!